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Stress can be a real killer! While stress can’t be eliminated, you can help your body overcome its negative effects with Adaptuit. It’s uniquely formulated to:

  • Help relieve the negative effects of daily stress
  • Normalize body systems
  • Enhance performance
  • Increase vitality
  • Improve overall health

Adaptuit. The powerful daily stress reliever. Order today.

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Don’t just cope. Take control.

Stress is killing us! You may not realize it, but stress is one of the four fundamental causes of all disease and disability. Adaptuit is formulated with a very special type of ingredient – Adaptogens. These adaptogens are the balancers of stress – they help to pull us back together when stress is tearing us apart.

Adaptuit is loaded with adaptogens – it’s a power-packed drink that’s the enemy of stress. Within minutes of drinking Adaptuit, all 10 of the Adaptogens in its formula begin to rescue your cells from the destructive influence of stress, whether that comes from our environment, such as air and water pollution, from inside of our body, such as from too much or too little exercise, or even from our own mind when it’s worried about problems from work or home.

Why we created Adaptuit

Adaptuit is specially formulated to:

  • Help the body adapt to daily stress and stressful encounters
  • Combat the effects of mental, physical and environmental stressors
  • Normalize the body and mind to help restore balance
  • Enhance mental and physical performance, especially during stressful times
  • Increase vitality and improve overall health

Adaptuit also has a delicious taste and comes in liquid form, which makes it easy to drink.

How adaptogens fight stress

Adaptogens thrive in the harsh regions of Siberia where only the most robust vegetation can survive. They must adapt to extremely stressful conditions – and that makes them even hardier. You are the ultimate beneficiary of these adaptogens because they will help make you resilient to the harsh, demanding conditions of modern life.

Adaptogens at work

Your body triggers a “fight or flight” response under extreme stress. Then your adrenal gland releases strong hormones into your bloodstream which affect many of your body’s systems and functions. When stress is always present, your body’s stress response is always “on.” Adaptogens send a clear message to the body that the crisis has eased, once again allowing the body and its systems to return to a state of balance.

Adaptuit. It’s the powerful solution for today’s stressful world.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
The "Adaptuit" name says it all. When it comes to stress, this product helps you to better "adapt - to - it."As for taste, you’ll be surprised at how good it is – a delicious fruit flavor (and for optimal taste, please refrigerate before consuming).
Adaptogens are a unique category of plants that have the special ability to thrive in the very harshest of environments. These ancient plants were discovered in cold, harsh regions of Russia and Asia and have been used for centuries by the healthiest people in the world. They are renowned for their ability to help the body cope with stress. In researching this class of plants, lead scientist, Dr. Nicholai Lazarov, named them adaptogens because they "adapt" to their surroundings by achieving a state of homeostasis, or an internal balance. As a result, they can adjust even to changing climates and still thrive.
Its unique formula helps your body combat the effects of many different kinds of daily stress and normalize your body’s systems and functions. It also fights free radicals and helps repair their damage. Plus it helps improve your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.
There is no wrong time to take Adaptuit, but we suggest taking it in the morning. This fortifies your body to meet the stresses of your day. However, if you’re not sleeping well, you may benefit more by taking it at night (at least for the first few weeks). This will give your body the proper nutrients it needs to help enhance the sleep process.
To join the fight against stress, simply take 1 to 6 ounces every day.
Many people report a feeling of well-being, calmness and clarity rather quickly. However, results can differ greatly by individual.
Adaptogens naturally adapt to their surroundings. When you drink Adaptuit, its adaptogens adjust to your body’s specific needs at that time. Depending upon your situation, this is why Adaptuit might act differently with you compared to another person.
Pregnant or nursing women, anyone with injuries or diseases involving the brain or nervous system (for example chronic migraines or epilepsy), and persons recovering from surgery should check with their healthcare professional before trying Adaptuit.
Many people are given warfarin (Coumadin) and/or heparin after surgery to ensure blood flow and prevent clots. Almost all supplements and most fruits and vegetables interfere with Coumadin. Therefore, we suggest that a person NOT take Adaptuit after surgery if they are on these drugs. Check with a healthcare professional before resuming Adaptuit.
By definition, adaptogens are plants. Also, antioxidants are natural, and Aloe vera doesn’t have any known side effects. Because Adaptuit is entirely plant-based, our bodies recognize the ingredients as food. If you have food allergies or allergies to specific vitamins, we advise you to check the label before trying our product.
There are no known drug interactions, but it’s a good idea to check with your healthcare professional if you’re concerned.
Diabetics may benefit from Adaptuit because their life conditions are stressful to their bodies. However, pregnant or nursing women should check with their healthcare providers before taking the product.
Adaptogens adjust to the needs of your body. If it’s time to sleep, they’ll help you ease into it. If it’s time to focus on a task, they’ll help you adjust to stress and support your need to concentrate. In most cases, Adaptuit nourishes the processes programmed into our nervous systems - to be awake or asleep when you need to be.
Yes, in two ways. First, adaptogens help protect the cells from destruction by toxins, so the cells live longer, healthier lives. Second, Adaptuit contains a high-quality antioxidant ingredient blend which helps neutralize toxins.
Yes. According to the reports from Russia, all of the top athletes, including the members of the Bolshoi ballet and Russian cosmonauts, have taken Adaptogens to enhance their performance.
Adaptuit contains no animal by-products and is completely plant based, so anyone with meat or wheat restrictions can take it.