TriVita's Executive Team

Wellness is a journey. It brings us energy, it clarifies our sense of purpose and it makes us whole.

For our Executive Team, greater wellness is also a lifelong passion. Discover their unique perspectives on health and the pursuit of wellness. And learn how they use their talents in their roles at TriVita to better serve our Members and people everywhere who are on their pathways to optimizing wellness.

Michael R. Ellison
Founder & CEO

“Wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the meaningful and important things in your life.”

TriVita CEO and Founder Michael R. Ellison has a mission. He wants to help people everywhere experience whole-person wellness. “Wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the meaningful and important things in your life — to have daily positive emotions of love, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance, and to feel connected to God and His purposes for your life. We have an amazing body, and when it’s given the right balance of nutrients and nurturing, it can release the healing power within to optimize wellness.”

For Michael, this mission became crystal clear when he experienced a personal health crisis at the age of 50. As he recovered and found his way back to health, he became determined to share his message of wellness with others. This led to his founding of TriVita in 1999, where he now leads the company’s ongoing pursuit of bringing health and wellness to the world.

Helping people experience greater wellness and mitigate the unwanted, unnecessary lifestyle-related diseases continues to be Michael’s purpose, and he brings this passion to the table in the day-to-day operations at TriVita. “We can live an exciting life filled with wellness and have the vitality to do the things we love and are purposed to do.”

Marcus Ellison
Chief Marketing Officer

“Your mind and body is a sacred temple and the most amazing thing you will ever own. When you treat it with the highest respect you will be amazed of what it can accomplish.”

Marcus was one of the original key executives who helped launch TriVita in 1999. With a background in media and advertising he chose to join with his father in his mission to help educate and inspire people to experience wellness.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus is responsible for strategic planning and development for customer acquisition, customer experience and lifetime value. He manages and oversees creative, print, digital and social sales and marketing channels.

“My passion for branding and marketing is something I look forward to doing each and every day. I know I am accomplishing our company’s goals and initiatives when our customers are pleased with the service and products we provide to help them experience greater wellness.”

Don Kurtenbach
Chief Financial Officer

“Wellness is a way of life – it’s a journey and a process – and to succeed at it, you need focus and commitment.”

“Wellness is a way of life,” says Don. “It’s a journey and a process, and to succeed at it, you need focus and commitment.” To fulfill his own wellness journey, Don eats properly, exercises regularly and educates himself about healthy living. He also takes TriVita nutritional supplements to help stabilize the effects of aging and stress. “These practices give me the energy and stamina necessary to balance my personal life with my TriVita career.”

As Chief Financial Officer, Don provides the ethical financial foundation that supports the mission and vision of TriVita. He is responsible for implementing and monitoring internal financial controls, directing the corporate budget and forecasting to meet financial goals.

Don oversees TriVita’s capital-raising strategy to support corporate expansion, and is also responsible for managing financial risk to ensure economic value for TriVita stockholders. “With the current regulatory and economic environment, the role of the CFO is becoming increasingly complex. It requires constant flexibility in the face of change,” says Don. “And it’s a challenge I look forward to each day.”