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  • Loyalty Rewards Program – VitaPoints are valuable rewards you can redeem on every purchase & future orders.
  • WeCARE – Care and Prayer Helpline – Loving support with a licensed WeCARE minister.
  • Certified Wellness Consultants – Knowledgeable & caring to help with your Wellness Plan.
  • VitaJournal Blog – Proven, science-based articles and tips for total wellness. Share & Receive – Send a $20 gift card to a friend and you both receive $20 in VitaPoints.
  • Auto-Replenishment Program (ARP) – Enroll in free ARP to stay on your wellness schedule.
Order Amount VitaPoints Rewards Save Up To
$0 – $79 1X (4%) $3.20
$80 – $109.99 2X (8%) $8.80
$110 – $169.99 3X (12%) $24.40
$170 – $199.99 4X (16%) $32.00
$200 – $319.99 5X (20%) $64.00
$320 or More! 6X (24%) $76.80 or more!

To make ordering easier for you:

Have your member ID number handy (your ID number can be found on the back page of your catalog, near the top in a blue box)

Be ready to provide your correct address

Have your credit card number available for confirmation


Every order receives a minimum of 4% of the total value of your purchase. VitaPoints are calculated on the product total after any reductions are applied. You may use VitaPoints as you receive them or let them accrue for up to 12 months from date of issue. VitaPoints are redeemable online or by phone. To check your VitaPoints balance, either visit, sign in and click on My Account, call priority customer service at 855-383-0238 or check your latest TriVita invoice. VitaPoints expire one year from acquisition.

TriVita reserves the right to alter Premier Membership at any time.


WeCARE is a Christian-based emotional and spiritual helpline to help ease your pain and concerns. The helpline is complimentary and confidential, purposed to help you get through difficult times.

Our aim is to provide you with the love, peace and comfort that promotes the process of healing and recovery of the things that may cause you distress. As a Premier Member, this complimentary service is here for you because we truly care!

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Disclaimer: TriVita’s WeCARE program is a faith-based service, developed to support and help our Members’ overall wellness through compassion and or prayer. WeCARE is not a professional mental health or medical resource. WeCARE services are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any mental disorders or replace the treatment of professional mental or medical professionals. The use of WeCARE is at the sole discretion of the user.